Woodworking Tips

For a long time, I was not good with carpentry … I still am not! Yet, as I write these lines, I built almost all of my furniture myself. In less than a year, I went from beginner to the status of an intermediate level handyman. I have stored some experience and now I would like to share with you the 5 best tips that I would have liked to receive when I first started.

work bench

1 – Trust Yourself

It is to my eyes an indispensable quality that you must possess. This quality is valid at any age and in any area of our everyday life. It is the indefatigable desire to learn about woodworking. Indeed, I am convinced that this is the SECRET of successful people. I digress a little but in DIY as in professional life, no one can know anything. So you have to train with different types of wood.

That’s what I did! The best way to do this – and inexpensive too – is to attend DIY forums. The Internet is a mine of information. Sometimes you will come across interesting blogs, sometimes you will not find the information you want. The forums are then there to take over because mutual aid prevails. You will always come across a charitable soul to help you with your woodworking.

2 – Take Action

I already had the opportunity to say it on this blog, in the article on the law of Pareto, it is an evil which consists of wanting to launch only if one controls ALL!

Well, I have a scoop for you: it’s impossible! It is high time to get started and make your first furniture, with its defects but you’ll see, you’ll be proud! Worse, you will have learned from your mistakes – because you will – and you will have improved …

I’m one of those who thinks that we learn more from his mistakes than from his success so do not wait, go ahead, go for it!

3 – Buy the Right Wood

A planed wooden board is a wooden board which has the shape that is ideal. If you buy raw wood, your board will have all the geometrical defects and the troubles will start… But you are beginners and the goal is to start slow and have a good project. Buying the right wood works well for this.

4- Good Workbench

This seems particularly important because often neglected by the beginner. Yet the workbench is the number one element for precise, safe work. What’s more silly than missing an assembly because your piece of wood has just accidentally tipped during the crucial stage!

A workbench adapted to your achievements seems important to me. I advise you to make it yourself because we rarely find good work at first prices and a spacious and well-designed workbench will far exceed the budget of a beginner.