Woodworking Must Haves

woodworking projectsThe fact of having the right tools for woodworking will greatly facilitate our task. The truth is that wood can create a large amount of furniture and get the most interesting finishes in floors and walls. In your tool kit you can not miss resources such as screws to fix a bench where we can support, as well as square, ruler, compass, meter and punch to make the appropriate measurements.

The tools to work the wood and that will help us to carve and reduce are, for example, the gouge and the chisel. With its sharp contours we can easily tear pieces of wood. We will also need to drill it, for which we can use an auger, used in thin wood or manual drill or berbiquí with which you can make larger holes or bits, which can be inserted into the ends of the drills.

The electric brushes will also be useful to reduce the wood more quickly and uniformly. For its part, with the milling machines we can make grooves, grooves, boxes, engravings and moldings.

Tips for cutting wood

Some of the most important tips for working wood, recommended by professional carpenters, are the following:

-If you have thought about placing wooden floors in your home, it is necessary to keep the projection joint at the correct distance, because without it the wood will begin to expand with heat. If you do not find enough space, you will press the tables until you finish lifting generating a most unsightly effect.

-You must remember that not all types of wood are worked in the same way. Oak, for example, is known for its hardness, so if we do not use the appropriate tool, the result can be affected in quality. Known for its flexural properties, it is suitable for parquet. It is very permissive with the nailing and the screwing and accepts well the sanding and finishes like varnishes, dyes or oils.

Another of the hardest woods is walnut and widely used for luxury paneling, doors, ornaments or turned elements. It has a very good behavior with machining, gluing and the application of different kinds of finishes. You can work it by hand or with machinery.

-To avoid damaging the work table it is necessary to put a martyr, in this way you will achieve a good finish and avoid any unwanted hole. And, speaking of holes, if you are going to make one on the wood, try to use a countersink, because in this way you can remove the burr, in addition to the screws can be flush with the piece.

-You must pay special attention to the songs. It is the most sensitive part of the wood and where there is more possibility of water entering. You have to cover them well and fix them when you perform maintenance tasks such as sanding and applying varnish or paint every so often so that the wood does not deteriorate.

Woodworking for Couples

Why woodwork on your own? The best way to strengthen a relationship is to woodwork with your wife. Many people wonder how to tell if a marriage is healthy, the best way is if you can do activities like woodworking together.