Women talk about woodworking

women woodworkingAt the age of 18, this girl from Alabama is one of three girls studying carpentry at her High School. An unusual choice inherited from her dad, himself a carpenter. “I often help him to tinker, to hold the tools. Today, he is very proud to see what I do.”

When she was 16, Sabina first turned to learning. A passage through the corporate world that was difficult. “I cracked a few times. I wanted to stop everything, but that’s what I wanted to do, so I continued, ” she recalls.

This afternoon, in the carpentry workshop of Toronto, there are only three among the men. Lisa is 35 years old, is a mother of two children, and following a few months of continuous training to reconvert. An employee at the equipment manufacturer, she wanted to take advantage of periods of forced unemployment to learn carpentry. A choice that surprised her husband. “At first, he was reluctant, he was afraid I cut my fingers,” she jokes.

“Finally do what I wanted”

In blue work red, this little blonde fits perfectly among the men of the workshop. A feeling shared by Sabina, who feared her arrival in a class filled with boys. “They’re joking a lot. I often hear: woman, come here! But overall, it’s going well. They are nice. ”

Yet, she admits to paying attention to others. “In high school, I try not to show too much femininity. I do not want to be a hottie. On weekends, I am more myself. ”

Carolina, she has a more decided opinion. At 30, she decided to take a sabbatical from college to do what she really wanted to do. “We feel a lot of male dominance. There are machismo reflections that are heavy every day, ” says this feminist activist.

For these three women, woodworking is not just for men. On the contrary. If they sometimes have trouble, for gestures of strength, they make up for the finishes that require more attention to detail. “It’s true that when you start a workshop, the boys get into the woods right away, while we spend time checking the plans,” says Carolina.