Adding a Pool to Your Backyard Woodworking Project

pool in yard

Who has not dreamed of having their own pool in the privacy and comfort of their backyard? Many times, this dream never comes true because we do not have enough space or resources. That is why in this post that we present today, we show you a pool that can turn this dream into reality. The project was done by the landscape architects of West London Landscapers – who managed to create a recreational space, in which the residents of the house can enjoy the warm summer evenings in the company of relatives and loved ones, with great comfort in their own house. They also do projects in the Fulham SW6 area if you’re interested.

Preparing the ground

The first step is to prepare the land on which the pool will be located. The cleaning and leveling of the natural terrain is essential and then move on to place the structural elements that will give the necessary firmness to create the pool. The excavation within the chosen site must be contained by means of wooden shoring and metal structures, which will define the shape of the pool.

Concrete pouring

Then the concrete is emptied, which will serve as the base for the pool, on which it will be filled with water once it has completely set and has been treated with a waterproofing. After leveling the concrete, the final finishes are placed inside the pool, as well as forming the wooden platform that will define the area of ​​the terrace .

Wooden platform

Within the project, we have contemplated the installation of a platform based on wood, which serves as an outdoor terrace, providing a space to enjoy the outdoors. The wood gives a warm and cozy touch to the recreation area, and thanks to its finish, allows it to circulate without worries about it, without the risk of injury or slip when walking barefoot.

Combination of elements

The combination of materials and textures creates a unique atmosphere in the pool area, where wood, water, furniture, plants and even the surrounding houses add to the aesthetic appeal that is formed with each of these elements . The disposition of each one of them, allows the design to be pleasant, forming a very enjoyable and full of comfort environment.

Giving a rustic touch

The addition of a stone masonry-based planter gives it a rustic touch that combines well with the contemporary style of the design, apart from providing a connection to nature, which adds to the charm and visual appeal with the which has this space dedicated to relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors.